Our stance on minimising our carbon footprint

Many e-commerce businesses can introduce more harmful materials to the environment, introducing excess packaging, harmful plastics and more that end up in landfills and creating more pollutants in our planet.

At Brew and Botanical Co. we try to lower our carbon footprint as much as possible, whilst we are only a small part, we believe a small decrease in waste can help contribute to a healthier planet and living space.

From our recyclable aluminium storage jars, to our natural brown glass bottles, and kraft product packaging.

Our Gift Wrap option also provides the option to use a natural 100% recycelable Kraft wrapping paper, complete with Jute twine rather than the alternative plastic ribbons many e-commerce stores use. Whilst not everything we use can be fully recycled, lowering the impact to the environment as much as physically possible is key to our business ethos.

Alongside that, using Royal Mail as our preferred courier, helps to produce a lower impact, with many efforts from the organisation to decrease their carbon footprint by 29%.





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