How to make Colour-Changing Gin


Our Colour Changing Gin Kit includes everything you need to create a variety of magic drinks. The main ingredient is a magical flower best known as the Butterfly Pea flower - an all natural herb, sourced in Thailand; with many positive benefits.

Whilst the health benefits associated with this herb may be lowered when adding it to your favourite bottle of Gin - the entertainment and smiles achieved are far more rewarding. 

  1. Simply add ten or more flowers to 500ml of spirit (we recommend Gin) and leave to infuse until a deep shade of blue is achieved.

  2. If purchasing the complete kit, leave to infuse in a suitable jar, for a mess-free experience.

  3. Strain the blue spirit into the bottle provided, using the funnel and strainer included in the kit.

  4. To achieve a true blue-colour, add a pinch of baking powder to adjust the pH.

  5. Add a generous measure to a glass of ice.

  6. Slowly pour an acidic mixer, and watch the colour change from a deep shade of Blue to Bright Pink.  

Alternatively, create a Colour-Changing syrup. Replace the spirit with water, and 250 grams of sugar, add ten flowers and boil until dark blue.

 You can now create Colour Changing Lemonade for the kids missing out on all the fun - A squeeze of lemon and soda-water will transform the dark blue syrup!

How to make colour-changing gin


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