How to make Compound Gin

Our Compound Gin Kit includes everything you need to create a variety of flavours of  Compound Gin - Compound Gin, or Cold-Compounding, refers to a process in which the popular spirit used to be made, dating back to the 1700's.

The process involves macerating botanicals and adding to a neutral-grain spirit.

Whilst you could flavour a spirit with anything, to gain its 'Gin' title, it must be 37.5% in alcoholic strength, and prominently flavoured with Juniper.

Many Gin producers now favour distillation, and flavouring with essences; it is much cheaper and produces consistent flavours on a commercial scale. But in the UK, it is not easy to create a distillation setup, nor economical for the budding Gin Lover, and enthusiast. 

This kit allows for Gin to be made on a micro-scale, as well as a budget, with an endless amount of flavours possible. 
  1. Simply add 1/3 of the Juniper Berries to 500ml of spirit (we recommend Vodka) and leave to infuse, continously tasting for 1-3 days, until the pine-like flavour we all know and love is achieved. The Gin will take-on a yellow tinge (this is perfectly normal, and does not affect flavour - distillation would usually remove this colour).

  2. Whilst you can infuse in the bottle provided, we reccommend a seperate clear jar, so you can watch the infusions take place, and save the nice bottle for the end product.

  3. Using one of the flavours provided, add half/a full tin of the herbs to your now Juniper-flavoured Vodka (we just call it Gin now). Certains flavours will infuse much quicker than others, and it is important to taste until the desired flavour is reached.

  4. Finally, strain using the equipment provided, and funnel into the corked bottle.

  5. Add a generous measure to a glass of ice, and your preferred mixer.

Alternatively, create your own flavours of Gin, using individual botanicals and enjoy experimenting; our popular botanicals are available on our store.

 You can now create Cold-Compounded Gin, be sure to tag us in your creations on Facebook, and Instagram @brewbotanicalco



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